StoryStream Announces Partnership With THG Ingenuity to Create a New Generation of Ecommerce Experiences at Scale

BRIGHTON, England, May 18, 2022 –( BUSINESS WIRE )–THG PLC, the British eCommerce retailer behind the technology platform Ingenuity, and StoryStream, the visual commerce platform for brands specialising in User-generated Content and Live Video Shopping, today announced their partnership, with StoryStream now powering social commerce experiences across 16 of THG’s brand websites.

Alex Vaidya, CEO of StoryStream: “eCommerce brands are facing significant headwinds. The explosive growth of online retail witnessed through the pandemic has given way to more acutely challenging market conditions in 2022, making this the year where the best really have to find a way to separate from the rest.

“At StoryStream, we know that user-generated and customer-generated content is content that not only elevates the on-site experience for visitors, but also delivers more engagement, more clicks, more conversions, and a bigger average order value for brands too. Our partnership with THG is an important step toward unlocking the value of what we call ‘people-powered commerce.’”

John Gallemore, CEO of THG Ingenuity: “THG Ingenuity is completely unique in that it’s both a peer-to-peer eCommerce retailer owning some of the most recognised online brands and a leading service provider to global cross-border commerce brands.

“The same technology that drives the growth of our Ingenuity partners also powers the growth of our own brands. We’re thrilled to see StoryStream’s range of content experiences active across 16 of THG’s own brands’ sites, and encouraged to see their technology already enhancing up our clients’ sites too.”

A Strong Start

The first THG brands to benefit from the partnership were Christophe Robin , Grow Gorgeous , and ESPA . In all three examples, the brands’ eCommerce sites now feature StoryStream experiences prominently – and are using StoryStream’s social selling solution LinkStream to offer a best-in-class link in bio experience through their Instagram channels.

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