Klevu report - Majority of UK e-commerce sites’ search engines don't work

78% of of e-commerce websites in the UK are unable to convert shoppers due to their inability to “understand” natural language and thus, shoppers’ intent, according to a new report from Klevu.

This found that over three quarters of the 50 retailers researched delivered zero or irrelevant results when presented with conversational queries.

Only 20% have the functionality to understand natural language and respond with products that were a precise match.

Furthermore, a quarter were unable to handle misspellings by shoppers, with 75% missing out on additional sales through relevant product recommendations on category listing pages. Did you know that 44% of ecommerce websites in North America are losing revenue from not being able to understand simple typos in search?

Want to find out about other � stats from a recent industry study? Stop by booth #1616 during #RICE22 to learn more. pic.twitter.com/W2ZNB9KVeM — Klevu (@KlevuAI) April 28, 2022 Grenson Shoes received the highest rating for best product discovery experience across all benchmarking criteria.

The heritage footwear brand allows consumers to navigate easily using multiple clauses, natural language, and even spelling mistakes. It makes relevant product recommendations and allows consumers to pinpoint the exact product they are searching for quickly.

Complicated search queries are on the rise today as more consumers rely on voice search on mobile, which means that e-commerce retailers must be able to comprehend natural language and shoppers’ intent if they want to satisfy consumers.

However, most e-commerce sites are unequipped for this, resulting in customers leaving unhappy and empty handed.“It’s clear that major retailers need to work harder to ensure that their e-commerce experience meets consumers’ expectations,” says Nilay Oza, CEO and Co-Founder at Klevu .“As the e-commerce market in the UK continues to become more competitive and inflation causes consumers to tighten spending, the e-commerce sites that are […]

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