How Multi-cloud Application Delivery is Impacting Ecommerce Providers as They Prepare for Major Growth

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At the same time, the sector is heavily targeted by cybercriminals seeking to disrupt, extort and damage online retail businesses. Consequently, striking a balance between operational efficiency, cost-control, security and customer satisfaction is a complex challenge.

To resolve the tension between availability, performance, efficiency and security, most ecommerce providers are accelerating their cloud transition programmes with many opting for a multi-cloud strategy. As they do so they are having to make complex technical decisions about application hosting, cloud resources and form factors for the multi-cloud environment. These decisions are driven by the changing landscape in which they are operating and the nature and intensity of the cyber threats they face.

A10 Networks polled ecommerce providers to uncover their key security and management concerns and challenges when adapting to multi-cloud and the findings were illuminating.

Security concerns: Brand and reputation are crown jewels for ecommerce companies
Ecommerce providers are acutely aware that trust is intrinsic to building customer loyalty. Anything that damages reputations and threatens customer confidence has a long-term impact on revenues. It’s not surprising, therefore, that cyber defacement and brand damage are top concerns for 62% and 49% of the businesses surveyed respectively. Linked to this is concern over user data theft and credit card theft, identified as a top concern by 52% and 36% of respondents.

Away from direct public-facing threats, more than one third of companies cited DDoS attacks as a key concern. This is not surprising, given the increase in DDoS attacks and the potential loss of revenue. The report indicated that some ecommerce providers are struggling to resolve this issue, with one in ten reporting that they had lost availability due to a DDoS attack. Given that this directly affects revenue generation, and creates a poor customer experience, organisations […]

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