Discover How R&D Support Could Help Pay for your eCommerce Development

The Only Certainty is Change

In an everchanging eCommerce world, successful businesses are those that can scale and adapt to emerging market trends and new technologies. Vital components of every eCommerce business are the platform on which it’s built, its hosting approach, and its integrations and processes. Overcoming Barriers to Innovation

Although the greater eCommerce performance offered by modern platforms, cloud hosting and integration innovation will in the medium and longer term pay off, a barrier to making that leap in the first place is often initial development cost.

But now financial help is offered by HMRC for development such as replatforming, rehosting and other developmental areas in the form of R&D tax incentives, freeing eCommerce businesses to explore riskier ideas for greater growth, to keep pace with new technologies and shifting consumer expectations. What are R&D Tax Incentives?

If an eCommerce business is developing new or extended architecture, user experiences or a new process or approach, R&D tax incentives may be available to help finance and mitigate the risk inherent in innovation within areas such as: Replatforming

Cloud hosting

Headless and IoT

Data processing and storage Augmented reality Virtual reality HMRC wants to see R&D implemented in developing new software tools and applications, or in improving existing functionalities.R&D tax incentives may apply to eCommerce when existing systems are improved using tailored solutions and when adapting integrations. For example, migrating to a bespoke platform or going headless with a new frontend interface while retaining legacy backend elements in an innovative way.Where tax incentives directly contribute to R&D activities, areas for consideration include: Developing cross-platform capabilities across existing software Integrating software components into a single unified system Transmission of data and funds Bespoke automation Improving backend for seamless […]

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