6 Alternatives to Amazon for Your E-Commerce Business

Image source: Getty Images Amazon is a popular marketplace for online sellers, but it’s not for all small businesses. Here are six strong alternatives to Amazon for selling your products online.

Amazon is the gold standard in online retail. Founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 as an online marketplace for books, it now sells just about everything under the sun.

In recent years, Amazon has placed increasing focus on providing a marketplace where small businesses can sell their products, and firms around the world have flocked to the site to take advantage of this opportunity. But the site has downsides, like high competition, a lack of control, and fees.

Consequently, you may be interested in websites like Amazon — or ones that are even better than Amazon — to sell your products. Fortunately, Amazon isn’t the only game in town.

Here’s what you must know about Amazon’s impact on the e-commerce business , and how to choose a site that will suit your needs — or create your own. Here are the 6 top alternatives to Amazon:


Made Trade

Better World Books eBay Grove Collaborative Thrive Market What to look for in a great Amazon alternative Online retailers have to be great in order to compete with retail behemoth Amazon, but that’s not enough for most consumers. If you’re looking for an Amazon alternative, you must choose a site that is not only exceptional at selling online but can also fill a few other needs that Amazon doesn’t. 1. Transparency Amazon is a big company, which provides some downsides — customer support won’t be personally customized for your small business — but also includes some benefits that any viable alternative will need to match.For example, you can be confident that Amazon will perform as advertised, and they are transparent when it comes […]

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