Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking Can Boost Conversion Rates

Image source: Getty Images Enhanced Ecommerce is the Google Analytics extension that enables you to integrate e-commerce transaction data into your marketing analytics. Here’s how to make the most of it.

Data is the new oil, they say, but more data doesn’t make you richer. It’s the digging that makes the difference. It’s interpreting the data that makes you wiser, and if you can use that wisdom to improve your e-commerce, it can generate benefits for you. Overview: What is Enhanced Ecommerce in Google Analytics?

Enhanced Ecommerce is a Google Analytics (GA) extension allowing you to integrate your e-commerce analytics directly into your wider digital marketing analytics. Since it’s only useful for online merchants and requires a custom setup, it isn’t included in your standard GA setup. It still comes for free, and it can help you better understand customer behavior on your site. In the Conversions menu in Google Analytics, you will find the Ecommerce item which shows your Enhanced Ecommerce reporting, if it is activated for your store. Image source: Author 4 most useful features of Google Enhanced Ecommerce

More data is only useful if it generates useful insight. Google Enhanced Ecommerce can uncover user behavior in your online store you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. It also lets you tie e-commerce behavior to marketing actions. Here are some of the most useful features. 1. Use e-commerce conversions in other reports

Once you add Google Enhanced Ecommerce, you get a more granular view of the buying experience, as each separate step in the shopping funnel can be tagged and tracked independently. More importantly, these steps can all be connected to other site statistics.

This integration of Google Ecommerce statistics into wider analytics can help you find otherwise invisible behavioral patterns.

Let’s say a partner site sends you qualified traffic, but […]

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