Top US social media platform consumers trust for ecommerce (2021)

Many social users have yet to form solid opinions about their confidence in purchasing on most social platforms . The concept is still new, which creates an opportunity for the platforms and their partners to improve confidence and spur more purchase behavior.

According to our “US Digital Trust Survey,” the percentages who agreed or strongly agreed that they felt confident purchasing on Pinterest, Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter all fell between 24% and 26%. These differences were within the margin of error for our survey. In addition, significant percentages of respondents—anywhere from about 20% to 32% depending on the platform—were neutral on the idea.

Facebook users had the most polarized attitudes about purchase confidence; 45% at least somewhat agreed, and 35% at least somewhat disagreed that they felt confident, while just 20% felt neutral about the platform. Facebook came in last place in overall digital trust in our benchmarking report.

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