Nnamdi and Udochukwu Okoh: Proffering Solutions in e-Commerce

As e-Commerce becomes a topical conversation in Nigeria, the Okoh brothers, Nnamdi and Udochukwu Okoh are solving problems for SME’s in simple steps. Guardian Life caught up with them to discuss the ecosystem, design, and cybersecurity.

“E-Commerce is not an industry. E-commerce is a tactic.” Care to explain what this means?

Nnamdi: This is actually a famous quote from Shopify’s CEO who happens to be a personal idol, given the impact that the company has had around the globe. For me, e-Commerce is a strategy that business owners could leverage to create unique opportunities for tremendous growth. For many people, when you talk about e-Commerce, all they think about are big players like Amazon or Jumia, which feel more like industries. It’s a lot simpler than that and when deployed correctly, under the right conditions, you’d hardly find a more effective tactic for businesses in this region to create wealth.

When you set out to found Terminal Africa, what problems were you trying to solve?

Udi: Well, honestly, we didn’t exactly set out to build Terminal Africa. It happened as a gradual process where we stumbled on a solution while helping people to create online businesses. I’d say Terminal’s origins began around 2015 when we got our first website client in our creative agency. When we tried to put our first business online, it was so difficult and because of this; we charged a premium for the service. Seeing that a lot of our customers really wanted this service, we began to think about ways to make the process a lot simpler and much more affordable. This thought process led to the idea of creating a single platform that would allow anyone to launch their online business. Hence Terminal Africa was born and over time, it has evolved into […]

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