Meet Rokt: The Netflix Of Ecommerce That Is Personalizing The Purchase Process And Taking The Noise Out Of Online Shopping

Rokt, the global leader in ecommerce marketing technology, helps take the “noise” out of online … [+] getty Have you ever attempted to make a purchase online and found the checkout experience unpleasant or even irritating? Maybe you got served ads on the confirmation page that were irrelevant? Or were asked to sign up for a credit card that you’ve said no to for the past year?

Rokt, a unicorn that recently secured a $325 million Series E funding round on its way to an IPO, uses AI and machine learning to solve this problem. Their technology seamlessly integrates with brands’ existing technology stacks to personalize the checkout experience and help brands grow revenue as they acquire new customers at scale.

The company uses both machine learning and the experience of optimizing over 1 billion ecommerce transactions a year to serve up highly curated and hyper focused actions during what Elizabeth Buchanan calls the “transaction moment.” By ensuring these enhance rather than distract, the Rokt technology consistently leads to increased engagement, loyalty and, importantly, revenue for brands. Elizabeth Buchanan, Chief Commercial Officer, Rokt Buchanan is the company’s Chief Commercial Officer. She and her team of consumer obsessed “Roktstars” work with more […]

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