Lucian Baltaru (Sameday) joins BR’s re:FOCUS on eCommerce, Retail & Logistics

Lucian Baltaru, CEO Sameday, will be a speaker at BR’s upcoming re:FOCUS on eCommerce, Retail & Logistics . He will be part of the first panel of the day, dedicated to eCommerce and the Courier Industry, where he will talk about the huge potential for online retail and courier companies to develop further, both in Romania and in the region. Previewing the event, Lucian Baltaru sat down with BR to answer some questions about the industry he represents.

How did the courier industry evolve in 2021 from Sameday’s perspective? The second year of the health crisis generated a more tempered growth in the courier market than that seen in 2020. The application of less restrictive health safeguards, the routine of the pandemic and the return to an intermediate normal continued to grind down consumer behaviour, with consumers choosing both traditional and traditional retail. This adaptation of consumer habits has, in turn, led to a slower development of e-commerce. As courier is the classic partner of e-retail, we see this trend of weighted growth reflected here too.

At Sameday we have observed these trends throughout the year and have prepared ourselves to respond to the challenges and play our part in increasing e-commerce penetration. The focus remained on creating value for customers and making business decisions that answer the question “what do our customers want?”. This is why in 2021 we have increased investments to €50 million, with a significant weighting in the technology area, to optimise sorting and delivery capacity and align internal processes with customer expectations. We know that speed of delivery is becoming the norm in the market, with next-day delivery as standard, which is why we are looking holistically at the needs of Sameday service users. The solutions we develop, from the onboarding process, service integration, […]

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