Klatch Coffee Launches New Website With Focus On Ecommerce And Cafe Experience

Los Angeles, CA (May 10, 2022)— klatchcoffee.com , now launched. Today, award-winning, family owned and operated coffee roaster Klatch Coffee announced the launch of their site redesign, klatchcoffee.com. With lightning speed and a vivid, eye-catching site layout, Klatch Coffee’s homepage begins with both story and intrigue: “Family owned, operated, and argued about since 1993.” The Cafe Experience from the Comfort of Home

For Klatch Coffee, “Where coffee is the conversation” isn’t just a catchphrase found on each bag of coffee, it’s an ethos of hospitality and connection woven into the ecommerce experience and at the forefront of the site redesign.

The new website, klatchcoffee.com, makes finding your new favorite coffee faster, easier, and more enjoyable. CEO Heather Perry shares, “With the site redesign and our ‘find your beans’ quiz, we’re bringing the personal cafe experience to the ecommerce world. That unique conversation between customer and barista is now possible with a few simple steps.”

With new coffee offerings released on a regular basis, the “find your beans” quiz on klatchcoffee.com recreates the personal cafe experience of walking into Klatch and asking the barista, “What do you recommend?” The barista learns about each guest’s tastes by asking questions, guiding them to the perfect recommendation. The quiz is simple and accessible, seeking to replicate that experience by asking questions such as go-to tasting notes and ideal roast levels.

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Another focal point of klatchcoffee.com is featured notebooks with stories of Klatch’s coffee producers and each bean’s unique origin and process. As CFO, Greenbuyer, and Roastmaster Mike shares, “Direct Trade is the heart of Klatch. For us, people and planet always come […]

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