How to seamlessly set up a successful global online D2C business

Transforming your online store into a global ecommerce business with a simple and convenient website is a modern way to grow your sales, fortify your brand and provide an impetus in your business.

When you are prospering in your home market, the natural progression is to make it bigger internationally. The pandemic has laid the foundation for the success of your ecommerce or online D2C business. It’s time to think of building a global ecommerce business especially if you are already online. In this article, we will take you through all the steps that will help you in becoming a global DTC brand and prosper in a global market.

The market for global ecommerce business
The global ecommerce business has seen a wonderful year. The market is expected to total $4.479 trillion by 2021. Industry reports indicate that, online retail sales will obtain $6.39 trillion, with ecommerce taking up 21.8% of overall retail earnings. In India alone, the ecommerce market is expected to reach $100 billion by 2025. The potential for D2C brands to start their global journey has increased because of the strengthening of India’s digital infrastructure.

Advantages of going global
In India, the growing […]

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