Xlash Fuels Global Cosmetics eCommerce Expansion with Headless Technology

Organic website traffic doubles with 90% mobile visitors, following Storyblok implementation

Swedish beauty brand Xlash has partnered with Storyblok, an enterprise headless CMS, to help drive its global eCommerce presence.

Xlash – with the help of Stockholm-based eCommerce agency, Made People – implemented Storyblok’s headless CMS technology in just four months, resulting in streamlined content and eCommerce operations for the company. The new website’s organic traffic has almost doubled, with 90% of site visitors coming through mobile – a stark difference from their old website which was not mobile-friendly.

Storyblok enables Xlash’s content and eCommerce teams to manage content in a frictionless way, as well as the ability to manage localisations in the same space rather than having to do double work across multiple pages and logins. Content is switched out to match the market, making it easy for Xlash to reuse pages from a global point of view, and hone in on the marketing with a more localised version. Together with Centra, products are able to be pulled to specific market sites, to cater to each storefront’s region. Today, Xlash is available worldwide in over 120 countries, 12 languages, and over 7 currencies.

Through Storyblok’s interface, Xlash has access to a vast library of integrated eCommerce solutions, such as Centra, Business Central, Yotpo, Klaviyo, Ayden, localisation and translations, which can be applied to any project, campaign or page.

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Storyblok’s headless technology has set Xlash up for collaboration, with an easy-to-use experience, allowing users to try out components, or upload any content themselves, without the need to rely on the development team for changes. A stark difference when compared to Xlash’s previous monolithic setup of eight different WordPress stores which required any updates to the […]

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