Top ecommerce trends to think about when starting your business

Top ecommerce trends to think about when starting your business 3 Top ecommerce trends to think about when starting your business 4 By Sarah Clark, Country Head, UK at Clearco

There has never been a better time to start an ecommerce business in the UK. 2020 and 2021 saw a complete perception shift for businesses and consumers. E-commerce is no longer a nice to have but an essential, with checkout experience or website design now on equal footing with visual merchandising and product selection – clicks-and-mortar is here to stay. The UK consumer is amongst the most digitally savvy in the world, with over $3 billion spent weekly in the UK online retail market. Much of the friction that businesses experienced in the early stages of the pandemic has been addressed and consumers now enjoy a competitive online retail market in almost every sector, and the ability to shop with large multinational retailers or small local businesses online with ease.

For businesses looking to expand their offerings and customer base, we have also seen tremendous innovation in customer acquisition and digital marketing, with the emergence of easy to use ecommerce solutions and new platforms to reach millions of potential customers.

Unsurprisingly, we are already seeing a new wave of entrepreneurs building ecommerce businesses in the UK this year. For those just starting out, and those who have established businesses already, this year is going to be highly unpredictable, with a number of emerging technologies to get to grips with as well as a macroeconomic environment that most retailers will never have experienced before, from supply chain issues to inflation and capital availability.

Here are some of the key trends we think founders should keep an eye on this year:

The metaverse

Given how much the word has been overused in the last […]

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