Reflex Finance Next Big Crypto, Shatters all Launch and Growth Records

Roermond, Netherlands, Feb. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Just 10 hours after the launch, the project already had 2,696 holders, $806,278 paid out in BUSD, and a $22M MCap. At the moment, there are over 4,000 holders and $1M already paid out in BUSD. In addition to exciting news, the project is bringing a secret utility in Q4. The financial platform is creating a solid and infinite growing community. With its innovative and experienced team, Reflex Finance offers the crypto community a stable way of earning passive income. The project aims to disrupt and revolutionise the industry to benefit the crypto community ultimately.

Legion Launchpad at Work!

Recently, a Reflex Finance-backed project dubbed the Legion Launchpad will go live in the first quarter of 2022. The launchpad aims to create a 100% secure token launching platform that is rug-proof on their network. According to Reflex’s team, the launchpad was made by the people for the people. In addition, the team suggested that Reflex does not have long waiting periods or ignores new projects like PinkSale.

By merging an all-in-one dex and launching platform, your buying power will be quicker and more precise on locking in costs and benefiting the community. The accelerated buyback and burn also helps the project to run fast. Notably, on Feb 2, the projects were listed on CMC and CG .

Staking to Earn on Reflex

Members of the Reflex community can stake their $REFLEX tokens on the staking dapp to obtain staking incentives in the native token. The Reflex Finance staking scheme is unusual in that, in addition to collecting $Reflex, stakers can also receive BUSD when they unstake. It’s essentially the same as having a savings account with interest.

There is a 10% penalty if you unstake the total funds and lose stake incentives. Reflex […]

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