Metashooter: Play-to-Earn Hunting Metaverse Built on Cardano Takes Things To Next Level

New York, NY, Feb. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Metashooter: Play-to-Earn Hunting Metaverse Built on Cardano team is pleased to announce the giant strides it has taken to take its play-to-earn hunting metaverse to another level. Offering the players amazing features and incentives that will make their participation on its platform worthwhile. Currently, there is no such competition for this hunting metaverse right now, especially for the Cardano blockchain users. It is a very unique opportunity for the users to be part of. While playing the MetaShooter game, hunters have features that include: Customization

Hunters aren’t stuck with hunting equipment or two. Rather, they have several options to choose from to improve their skills and become stronger and exceptional. NFT Assets

In the MetaShooter, you can expand your business by purchasing hunting lands, building towers, breeding NFT dogs, and generally growing your passive income while entertaining yourself with the best available games on the platform. Rewards

Impressive hunters who meet their goals are rewarded for completing trophy collections or hunting rare animals. The more trophies you win or rare animals you hunt, the more your rewards. Exploration Opportunities

Hunters can also open the world by utilizing their hunting tools to their full potential. They can travel across an expanse of hunting areas in search of trophies. Without a barrier or location restrictions, they have what it takes to excel.

The team is pleased to also announce the release of the game teaser. Prospective users can watch the Sneak Peak on its official YouTube channel . Users can enjoy the beautiful hunting landscape, refreshing waterfalls, and a collection of animals to hunt to boost your chances of winning rewards and trophies.

Equipment Marketplace

MetaShooter explained why it chose to combine two multi-billion dollar industries, hunting and blockchain. According to the team, […]

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