Introducing Smilodo Mall: the NFT bringing eCommerce to the Metaverse

Forget about the boring Web2.0 online shops, and dive into the 3D world powered by the latest Web3.0 technologies. Socialize, get entertained, and enjoy the deep product immersion while you are on your shopping adventure.

In 2021, Smilodo, a Swiss online shop builder launched the first iteration of its eCommerce SaaS Business by providing Web2.0 online shop services. “Now we will bring it to the next level by entering the Metaverse” states the Smilodo founder, CEO of Aeddon Ltd. Claude Steiner.

“We have the business experience, the eCommerce insights, the technological know-how, in short terms ‘the DNA’ to make this vision become a reality” Steiner further points out.

Smilodo already has an operational Metaverse mall prototype that is linked to its existing eCommerce SaaS Business, and the company is launching a closed beta run of its mall in Q4 2022.

To enter this closed beta the community needs to own a Smilodo Community NFT, which is, besides being the entry ticket, the user’s dynamic Avatar.

The community NFT is coming with additional incentives: a 5% discount on all items sold in the mall, and a 10% discount on the Smilodo Mall Space NFT that will be issued later, and early and exclusive access to further events and features.

After the closed beta run, Smilodo will prepare its Smilodo Mall space sale as a second NFT round in 2023. “You want to be a 3D shop owner? Or sub rent your 3D shop to other shop operators? Here is your chance!” Steiner states. The focus lies on SMEs who don’t have the financial background to develop a fully featured Metaverse solution themselves.

There are two other important aspects of Smilodo’s approach: Entertainment and Quality.“People don’t want to go just shopping today, they want to get entertained while doing their shopping” the CEO concludes, and therefore Smilodo will […]

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