Your Ecommerce Website: Optimizing the Digital Core

Your ecommerce website must be a living, breathing content channel to drive meaningful success. Why? Business goals, audience preferences, digital capabilities and best practices are all constantly evolving, and your site must reflect these changing expectations.

In fact, it’s a general rule of thumb for businesses to rebuild their ecommerce website every three to five years to maximize technology advances. With 75% of consumers making judgements based on website design according to web credibility research by Stanford , you truly can’t afford not to continuously optimize your site. We’re going to review three areas of your website to continuously optimize to improve results. Performance

When you’re browsing an ecommerce website, what factors into a positive user impression? It’s probably speed, content, and ease of use, right?

Unbounce found that page speed alone impacts as much as 70% of consumers’ willingness to buy. With median landing page conversion rates at a steady 4.6%, there’s a lot of room for improvement on most websites. Your ecommerce website must be fast, easy to navigate, compelling, and visually appealing.

A solid foundation makes it easy to build and optimize content, and gain important clarity into your customers’ UX. At a minimum, you should be investing in tools or services like: A comprehensive CMS or digital experience platform (DXP) to easily create new, fresh content.

Quality, on-brand creative design and thoughtful UX to build credibility and brand recognition.

Google Analytics to track traffic, site speed, mobile use and audience demographics.

Tools to monitor heat maps and understand where users are spending their time or getting frustrated. Experimentation tools to test variations in content, design, etc. to increase conversion across your site, specifically on under-performing pages. Together, these tools make it easy for you to know what’s working and iterate on what’s not, to continuously up your ecommerce […]

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