Ukraine-based Serpstat Perseveres Amid the War

Editor’s note: Serptstat is an SEO provider in Ukraine. An employee of the company submitted the article below at our request.

Serpstat is a Ukraine-based search engine optimization platform. Founded in 2013 as a keyword research tool, our company has grown to roughly 100 employees throughout Ukraine, serving 400,000 customers worldwide.

Covid-19 forced us to operate remotely. We learned how to work, communicate, and build processes virtually to serve ecommerce businesses. Serpstat launched in 2013. It now has 100 employees throughout Ukraine and 400,000 customers worldwide. Our War Efforts

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine changed our lives and company. Many Ukrainians, including some colleagues, continue working, despite the air alarms. Some team members joined the Ukrainian Armed Forces, while others help coordinate volunteers or assist in cyber efforts to share the truth worldwide about the war.

For now, Serpstat is focused on: Financial support of the Armed Forces,

Volunteer initiatives,

Sharing war-related information in the digital space,

Maintaining the company’s viability, Supporting Ukraine’s economy. As it is vital to communicate an accurate picture of the war, our English blog editor, Taras Prystatskyy, launched a volunteer initiative of journalists and joined the information resistance.Prystatskyy writes, “ Ukrainian Volunteer Journalist Initiative (UVJI) cooperates with Western journalists in the information field. Volunteers accumulate, verify and translate all the news for Western media so that the world can see the real situation in Ukraine. We sleep for 4-5 hours per day, but everyone is motivated. I know volunteers who work in Kharkiv from bomb shelters.” Safety and Stability Our priority is to ensure the safety of employees. In the first days of the war, we helped them evacuate from Kyiv, Kharkiv, and other cities under fire.Now, we monitor our employees’ conditions and are ready to help with relocation if needed. We constantly update our internal […]

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