This father-son duo is tapping the ecommerce wave to win over the warehouse automation solutions sector

From manufacturing conveyors to entering the warehouse automation segment, Faridabad-based Saifi Con Fab Systems has had quite a journey. In a conversation with SMBStory, second-generation entrepreneur Faraz Alam highlights how he and his father aim to make the company a key player in this segment.

With the onset of COVID-19, businesses have realised that they cannot go on as they wish to without leveraging technology. The pandemic has accelerated the pace at which businesses, especially SMBs, are adopting technology.

This also means that India is ushering in a ‘new industrial revolution’ that will be defined by the use of technologies like IoT, connectivity, artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, advanced engineering, and much more.

SMBStory recently spoke to Faraz Alam, Co-founder of Atmos Systems, and Business Development Head of Saifi Con Fab Systems.

Faridabad-based Saifi Con Fab Systems was started by his father Khursheed Alam in 1987. From a simple material manufacturing company to making conveyors, Saifi has scaled quite a bit in the last 35 odd years. It has also been witness to the evolving manufacturing and warehouse ecosystem of India.

One of the newest trends to have strongly emerged in the Indian manufacturing industry is warehouse automation, a market that is exhibiting significant growth owing to the growing need for a cost-effective method of production. Keeping up with this trend, Saifi launched a smart automation solutions provider brand, Atmos Systems, in 2020. In a conversation with SMBStory, Faraz takes us through Saifi’s journey and what led to the launch of Atmos. The beginning

Khursheed Alam, who was earlier working with shoe-manufacturing giant Bata, left the job in 1987 after a clash with his manager and decided to start his own business.

He began by using his lathe machine for manufacturing machine parts of shoe making machines, and continued this till about 1997 […]

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