Synthetic testing: the ultimate eCommerce mystery shopper

Synthetic testing: the ultimate eCommerce mystery shopper 1 The infamous mystery shopper was once a staple of the high-street – visiting bricks and mortar stores to assess customer experience. But, with such notable shift to online purchasing in recent years, why isn’t the concept considered a priority for internet retailers, too?

A digital ‘mystery shopper’ can provide crucial detail on website availability, performance data and security risks that would otherwise jeopardise revenue or reputation if not dealt with quickly – and this is where synthetic monitoring comes in.

Gav Winter, CEO of next-generation website testing company RapidSpike delves into the detail around why this piece of insight could ultimately transform a business’s bottom line…

Any website which exists to encourage its users to complete some form of transaction, be it a purchase, the booking of an ‘event’ or the entering of sensitive data, needs to ensure it’s at the very top of its game – and synthetic testing can quickly become the ultimate online mystery shopper.

As an example, stock market analyst Nasdaq previously predicted that 95% of all purchases will be online by 2040. One could argue, however, this has been accelerated by at least a decade because of the pandemic.

It’s therefore time to join the dots and acknowledge the part that website performance plays too.

How does synthetic monitoring work?

Synthetic monitoring, in its most advanced form, uses the power of next-generation website testing technologies to proactively simulate the very varied and arguably unpredictable – almost limitless – behaviour of the internet and a human on a website, so that no stone is left unturned.It’s best to think of a website monitoring tool as a hybrid between the security guard, secret shopper, cleaner and keyholder. These specialists would regularly visit the store, and check on the […]

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