Steven Eagell Group upgrades website to drive ecommerce sales

Steven Eagell Group has announced the launch of its new, upgraded website.

The Group, which comprises ten Lexus dealerships and twenty-one Toyota dealerships, has added a new front-end search and vehicle detail page solution, with on-page checkout functionality to drive ecommerce sales.

Initial results are already showing significant promise, with the Group seeing its first online sale just hours after launch, before welcoming more online sales in the first week than in the first two months on a previous platform using an ecommerce plug-in.

David Godley, Group Marketing Manager at Steven Eagell Group, said, “Having seen the great strides in innovation which Automotive Transformation Group has made in recent times, particularly with the NetDirector® Auto-e solution, all stakeholders unanimously agreed to re-appoint ATG as our website provider.

“The customisation and ability to upload content quickly and easily is one of many benefits to the fully integrated online purchasing solutions we now offer our customers across our dealerships. The customised platform has already had a positive impact on our online sales, and its flexibility to react to market trends over time means we’re excited to see how this renewed partnership will grow in the coming years.”

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