OSF Digital Helps Retailers Launch Headless Ecommerce Sites

OSF Digital has launched OSF Headless, an omnichannel headless commerce solution for Salesforce Commerce Cloud designed to enhance the user experience and increase the average order value and conversion ratio with progressive web application (PWA) kit apps. The solution aims to help retailers to smoothly transition their online stores to a headless commerce architecture.

OSF Headless’ capabilities can help companies enhance storefront journeys and create app-like engaging experiences to keep up with consumer expectations using an extensive suite of headless applications. Potential benefits include: Speed: Launching a fast, mobile-optimized web experience across all screens, reducing page load times and spending less on development and maintenance processes;

Flexibility: Each app available with OSF Headless has its own price, and retailers can mix and match them according to their preferences and needs; and

Versatility: Page Designer is compatible with the PWA kit in OSF Headless to eliminate the need to use different CMS technologies.

Click here to view original web page at www.retailtouchpoints.com

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