Is BigCommerce the right choice for your B2B e-commerce needs?

is bigcommerce the right choice for your b2b e-commerce needs? 1 Is BigCommerce the right choice for your B2B e-commerce needs?

The market for business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce increased from $5.8 trillion in 2013 to $12.2 trillion in 2019. The conventional method, where the buyer does research and talks to the salesperson, has lost favour. eCommerce became essential for many B2B SaaS enterprises due to a change in the demographics of B2B buyers. Today, millennials make up over 46% of B2B shoppers and they choose online purchasing sites.

Over 70,000 online shops are hosted by the company, an open SaaS eCommerce platform. It is an eCommerce platform for medium-sized to big, rapidly expanding businesses that want to improve their customers’ online buying experiences. But how can you improve your B2B eCommerce site by effectively using BigCommerce? Let’s start by examining the fundamental components that any B2B eCommerce shop needs to have and how BigCommerce fits into the picture. Must-Haves for B2B eCommerce Stores

There are specific components of a B2B eCommerce shop that are essential, much as having departments for sales, finance, and customer service is important for a business. Pricing, ordering in bulk, catalogues, requesting quotes, and other requirements differ between B2B and B2C shops. The top 9 requirements for a B2B eCommerce store are as follows:

> Contract pricing & catalogue

Bulk ordering

Quick reordering

Restricted access control Portal Customization Shared Shopping Cart Quote Management Digital Payment Management Product Information Management (PMI) It offers a vast range of capabilities for improved customization and functionality in addition to these essential functionalities. Let’s examine BigCommerce’s B2B SaaS eCommerce platform’s sophisticated features. The Advanced Features BigCommerce assists B2-B companies in creating an eCommerce shop, which strengthens their online presence and gives them an advantage over rivals. Its open-source API framework, […]

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