Industry News News Tech startup Mickey teams with eCommerce group MaterialsXchange to form lumber exchange

Photo: Annex Business Media Mickey, a technology startup that brings the trading of physical commodities online, has announced it has joined forces with MaterialsXchange, a B2B eCommerce and digital marketplace that matches lumber buyers and sellers across the United States and Canada through its online platform. The proposed transaction will expand Mickey’s footprint into commodity lumber verticals which includes OSB and other softwood products.

With the announcement, Alex Rabens, Mickey’s co-founder and CEO announces leadership changes effective immediately.

Mike Wisnefski, co-founder and CEO of MaterialsXchange will become president of Mickey Group. For more than 20 years, Wisnefski has brought innovation to the commodity lumber markets. In addition to co-founding MaterialsXchange, Wisnefski also founded STX Trading, a proprietary firm that specializes in lumber futures and options. Wisnefski partnered with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) group to launch the lumber futures contract on their digital Globex platform and held an executive position for Bloch Lumber.

Ashley Boeckholt, co-founder and chief revenue officer of MaterialsXchange will continue in the role of CRO at Mickey. In the role as MX’s CRO, Boeckholt oversaw sales, marketing, and business development. Prior to joining MaterialsXchange, he served as a director at Koch Pulp & Paper Trading, where he helped grow the firm’s risk management business through selling lumber swaps in the OTC market. Previously Boeckholt served in leadership roles at Sherwood Lumber and Bloch Lumber.

“MaterialsXchange has spent the last few years developing an amazing front-end platform that has served the lumber industry well. Combining their experienced team and platform with our back-end technology, we have created a true, end-to-end solution for the lumber market – as well as other commodities in the long-term.” Rabens said. “Our companies are complementary and together we will improve the supply chain for North American manufacturers, as well as help building product dealers and […]

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