Expedia Group Unveils New E-Commerce Platform

The reimagined marketplace, outlined at this year’s annual partner event, EXPLORE, uses a breadth of data signals, to give each hotel property a new, guest experience score. Image: Expedia At its annual partner event, EXPLORE, Expedia Group debuted a three-tiered strategy to redefine its place in travel, including a new technology platform to power the industry called Expedia Group Open World. Introduced at the event’s General Session , the marketplace rewards partners for delivering great traveler experiences and focuses on developing traveler technology that provides the right information to increase booking confidence.

“This isn’t the Expedia Group we were two years ago, let alone two decades ago,” said vice chairman and CEO, Peter Kern, referencing the company’s inception in the late 1990s and the fact that EXPLORE was last hosted live two years ago. “We spent the last two years reimagining our potential and decided it was time for a much-needed change. Rather than a market that has become commoditized around price, we envision a world where travelers are served the right option for their needs, with transparency around value and expectations. We are excited to share the ways we are bringing that to life.” Expedia Group Open World Technology Platform

The company announced Expedia Group Open World, its new, purpose-built technology platform created for partners of all sizes to leverage and configure products and services needed to succeed in the travel ecosystem. The platform will deliver an entire ecommerce suite, with building blocks like, payments, fraud, conversations, and service, that anyone can use to accelerate, enhance, or even enter the travel business.

“Whether you’re a bank with a rewards program, an airline who wants to expand their offering, a specialty travel agent focused on underserved travelers, or a TikTok influencer helping the world dream of their next destination, if you […]

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