Ecommerce SEO Checklist: Best Practices For Ecommerce SEO Strategy

Most website traffic is derived from search engines. Search Engine Optimization-SEO is crucial for e-commerce websites. Develop a good SEO strategy to increase sales, drive business to new heights, and boost traffic.

Off-Page SEO Checklist

Off-page SEO includes all activities done away from the website to improve search engine page ranking. Use the checklist below to optimize off the page once the basic SEO set-up is ready.

Set Up Social Media Accounts For The Store

Create free platforms on social media accounts for sharing high-quality content. Invest in advertising and social media marketing to make the most of off-page SEO. A proper investment helps build credibility and an online presence, leading to backlinks and more shares. Use the various social media outlets to connect with a larger following. Promote and create high-quality content that interests the audience.

Set-Up Directory Listings

Use online directories as they have essential information about the business. Register an online store in the online directories with the latest and accurate information like name, phone number, and address to improve the business’s appearance in search results.

Finding Sites Linking To Competitors Assess the competitors first before building backlinks to an e-commerce site. Check the websites that offer links to direct and online competitors when searching for results. Use the provided tools to check the competition and export the data to a Google sheet to understand the backlink profile strength. Build Backlinks From Other Websites Backlinks are an integral part and determine the success of e-commerce SEO. Backlinks are one of the signals for ranking as per Google algorithms. Links are counted as votes for a website, passing on relevancy, trust, and authority. Improve the search ranking by consulting professional link building services and looking for opportunities to obtain backlinks via the following ways. Approach Influencers Obtain […]

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