eCommerce Insights for 2022: Get More Revenue by Replatforming

(Photo : @igormiske / Unsplash) The constantly changing dynamics of eCommerce make online entrepreneurs switch their shopping cart platforms in order to keep up with the pace.

Though undoubtedly advantageous, most merchants undergoing replatforming end up failing, affecting traffic, conversions, and even revenues. Despite the challenge of platform migration, you can actually get more revenues by replatforming, that is, if you pick the right shopping cart migration, like Cart2Cart. Platform Migration Meaning

For starters, platform migration stems from different business complications.

Veteran merchants who started out early in eCommerce sites are most likely using outdated platforms. Because it’s behind the times, the CMS doesn’t typically appear robust.

With the dynamic nature of the internet, some consider keeping up; thus, entirely changing their business landscape. The worst is when the business shows no progress at all.

The only solution to all of that is replatforming; but what is it really?

As the name suggests, platform migration or replatforming means relocating your eCommerce site to another. Aside from that, the fundamental purpose of replatforming also involves taking your audiences, customers, and orders with you to another site.

Unfortunately, eCommerce data migration is one of the most underestimated tools. In return, not using it takes merchants by surprise with a sudden loss in revenues. How Do I Move From One Platform to Another? As mentioned, eCommerce platforms migration saw a lot of letdowns. Irrespective of the minor errors, they can lead to a significant fall-off in your organic search traffic and rankings if left unresolved.Unfortunately, data migration checklists aren’t very useful either.Now, this is where shopping cart migration services like Cart2Cart enter the view — to help you simplify the steps to switch to another platform with no corresponding issues. Cart2Cart Review As you contemplate replatforming, you have probably begun looking for ways to move from one platform […]

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