Ecommerce, Digital and Marketing Teams in the Security and Privacy Crosshairs

By Source Defense

If you’re in the Retail sector, you’ve experienced an ecommerce surge over the past two years that was once predicted to take a decade. That means great opportunity but also great risk. If you’re a Digital or Marketing professional not in Retail, you understand that when it comes to doing business or promoting your business online, every company is a digital media and content publisher. Regardless of industry, you and your web team are constantly looking for new tools and partners to enhance user experience, collect visitor analytics, engage prospects and customers through chatbots or advertising, automate information request forms, and process credit cards, among many other functions. While all of this innovation is helping to drive brand awareness and revenue, there’s a dark side that, as a digital media professional, you must consider before you deploy that next 3rd party web application. Every day, your partner ecosystem puts you at risk of both data leakage – which occurs when your partners overreach, and the risk of data theft – which is perpetrated by cybercriminals. Both scenarios open you up for data privacy noncompliance fines and the potential for millions in losses. It only takes one 3rd party partner collecting data it shouldn’t, or one compromised rogue script to enable cybercriminals to steal the personal and financial data of your web visitors, putting your department in the crosshairs of a crisis that could have massive legal and financial implications.

This is why your Security and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) teams are always so paranoid about what you’re doing – and why many organizations find it hard to implement new functionality on their websites without lengthy review with those teams. But knowing what the risk is, and understanding that there are solutions to mitigate this risk which are […]

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