eCommerce Agency Above The Fray Launches Outsource Staffing Solution

End-to-end global eCommerce company Above the Fray debuted its eCommerce-focused outsource staffing solution Tuesday (April 5), according to a company press release .

The solution, called AxL, reportedly focuses on customer support services, engineering and design, offering eCommerce firms “top-tier outsourced staffing.”

Per the release, it will work on hiring, training and managing talent for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) eCommerce businesses for positions of various kinds.

“We noticed that the ecommerce businesses we were working with on a day-to-day basis were struggling to really scale with the problems they were facing around staffing, whether it was difficulty finding the right talent, overloaded staff, or fluctuating staffing needs,” said Noah Oken-Berg , CEO and co-founder of Above The Fray and AxL. “We realized that this was an area that we excel in and it could be a great benefit to ecommerce businesses.”

The company said the venture is rolling out with support from helpdesk tool Gorgias, which works with eCommerce and will allow AxL chat support agents to provide service with the latest machine learning tech.

Staffing challenges have been hurting various businesses as of late, with restaurants seeing difficulties because of it.

While COVID restrictions have been easing up for a while, Andrew Robbins, CEO of Software-as-a-Service customer experience management solutions provider Paytronix, said things were still not optimal on some fronts.

“There are still people who are shutting down, not doing the full day that they would normally do and closing some nights, so they don’t overwork the team — so maybe close a Monday, Tuesday night, but work people longer hours Friday/Saturday. It’s still a real problem,” he recently told PYMNTS.

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