Dissecting Advanced Ecommerce Tools: 3D Imagery, Visual Search and Headless Commerce

The bar is high in the land of ecommerce, with more consumers turning to online channels than ever before and bringing with them expectations set by their experiences with tech giants like Amazon. To keep up, retailers must become tech experts, strategically deploying the latest cutting-edge solutions to constantly evolve all aspects of their ecommerce ecosystems.

In this Retail TouchPoints Tech Guide we take a look at the key areas of development retailers should explore today to create an ecommerce experience that will be relevant tomorrow, including: Moving beyond the basic 2D web experience (and get ready for the metaverse) with 3D modeling and augmented reality;

Creating new ways for consumers to discover and engage with your brand and products through the use of QR codes, visual search and voice commerce; and

Creating an agile, flexible ecommerce ecosystem that will support continual evolution and quick decisioning by aligning omnichannel data and systems.

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