Choosing a fashion ecommerce platform: What must it offer?

Fashion was one of the first industries to embrace ecommerce, which means that the newcomers to this space have to go head-to-head with some of the better-established online shops in any industry.

It also means that some of the online retailers from the old guard started building their presence in a different time from now, and might benefit from exploring the market and seeing what new providers have to offer .

If you’re worried about your competition, or even just about being the best you can be for your clients, here are some capabilities and functionalities that your ecommerce platform should fully support.

A robust foundation

For fashion and apparel brands, a robust foundation doesn’t only depend on uptime, but also on the capability of a platform to have stock control , several payment methods and easy integrations of optional services in order to improve a client’s buying journey.

“Fashion is about investing in the best software, from great photos for the product pages to SEO that helps customers find what they’re looking for. It’s important that the platform you use is planned in order to get the most transactions possible and make life easier for the buyer.”

Ricardo Rodríguez, VP of Enterprise Sales at VTEX Mexico

Another important element for platforms are anti-fraud capabilities. VTEX, for example, has integrated capabilities to detect and prevent fraud, the level of which is high for the fashion industry. These tools also prevent the purchase of mispriced items and pre-qualify orders.”Many companies still have employees whose responsibility is to qualify orders and decide if something is fraudulent. This process is not scalable in ecommerce, and you need an automatic solution that takes 2 hours to validate, not 6 to 24 hours. This also improves your customers’ experience.”Ricardo Rodríguez, VP of Enterprise Sales at VTEX Mexico Flexible configurations […]

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