and Kyto enter into eCommerce partnership

B2B ecommerce marketplace has announced collaborating with Germany-based MarTech company Kyto to enable German B2B companies to set up their own digital shop.

Using Kyto’s software solution KytoSync, users can control and manage their product information and profile data via a central login. B2B companies gain access to B2B sales places and can generate sales contacts or leads and find potential customers. In cooperation with, Kyto is now able to also support German companies.

According to a Kyto representative, the company can now support its customers in their digitisation and internationalisation strategies in the area of ​​B2B sales. An Alibaba representative stated that the partnership with Kyto is a step towards providing German SMEs with even more tools to participate in cross-border ecommerce through easy access to end-to-end ecommerce solutions and digital marketing services. Alibaba aims to help more German SMEs grow their online business.

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