AI in B2B Ecommerce: Removing the Roadblocks

Many B2B executives believe Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be a game-changer and here are 5 strategies to get started

In a recent survey conducted by Digital Commerce 360, a large majority of executives say they are convinced that mastering artificial intelligence will be decisive in B2B ecommerce success—yet many of them say their companies are hesitant to get started or struggling with AI projects. Among the common obstacles: difficulty in recruiting and retaining talent, data that’s not formatted consistently, problems integrating AI tools with existing technology and, most importantly, how do you get started.

In the new report from HCL Commerce and Perficient ― and written by Digital Commerce 360 ― experts provide advice on how to get started, the common obstacles to avoid, and how to get early wins that will demonstrate AI’s value. Plus, the survey provides useful insights about what’s working and what’s not, how companies are using AI and the differences between the strategies and results of large companies and smaller ones.

What’s important to understand is that some companies are having success with AI today, and getting a head start on leaving competitors behind as a result.

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