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NEW YORK, Feb. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Pulling back the curtain, Matt Picheny’s book, Backstage Guide to Real Estate , reveals the power of purposeful investing to improve life for you, your family, and even the world, one passive investment at a time. The book is currently topping the real estate category for Amazon’s “Hot New Releases”. Backstage Guide To Real Estate Book Overview – Backstage Guide To Real Estate Picheny’s uncommon journey from actor to real estate investor, exposes the power of passive income to liberate you from necessity, setting you financially free to write your own story. Building a portfolio alongside his day job, progressing from a starter home to flipping houses and ultimately finding his niche in apartment syndication, Matt shares the keystone concepts of property ownership he learned along the way.

With an optimistic win-win approach and practical advice, Backstage Guide to Real Estate is for busy entrepreneurs, inspired leaders, nomadic visionaries, and change agents everywhere, who want to direct the power of their investment dollars to make positive changes in their world.

Backstage Guide to Real Estate is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books and other retailers, learn more at https://picheny.com/backstage-guide/

Matt Picheny , your backstage guide to passive investing, is a former actor turned investor and Founder of the investment company, Picheny. He is focused on developing passive income streams that enable investors to write their own story and choose how they want to spend their time.

Matt has over 15 years of experience revitalizing and elevating communities through real estate investment and has invested in over 8,000 apartments nationwide. He is a licensed real estate agent and has earned both Commercial Real Estate & Real Estate Finance certificates from Boston University. Matt is a member of the Forbes Real Estate Council, the […]

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