Nervous Investors: The Safest Stock Canadians Can Buy Today

Investing continues to become popular with all Canadians, rather than just for the rich to get richer. As Canadians educate themselves on their own finances, investing no longer seems as scary as it once did.

Well, almost. On the one hand, the more we understand, the more we can invest confidently. On the other hand, the more we understand the more we realize we could lose. That can create a lot of anxiety for nervous investors wanting to get in.

And the biggest issue? Many Canadians may miss out on long-term returns because they’re far too nervous to invest in the first place. This is a huge problem. So it’s why today I’m going to talk about just one safe, stable stock to buy if you’re a nervous investor. The best ETF for nervous investors

I’ll get straight to the point. If nervous investors want a solid, strong stock then they want a stable exchange-traded fund (ETF) like iShares Core Balanced ETF Portfolio (TSX:XBAL). It’s perfect for Canadians wanting passive income, focusing on long-term capital growth and income. It gives investors exposure to both equity and fixed income securities, creating stable income for, well, forever!

The fund currently has $982.15 million in assets, with a very low management fee of just 0.18%. Year to date, shares have fallen slightly, with a dividend yield of 1.98%. What financial experts love about this ETF is it gives nervous investors exposure to a diverse portfolio, both by assets and regions. It’s continuously monitored, and its managers rebalance as needed to reach targets. And of course, fees are super cheap. More benefits

I’d now like to delve deeper for those wanting to learn more about not just this ETF, but why it’s a gold standard among ETFs for nervous investors. This will help you understand for […]

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