How To Launch a Get-Rich Plan in Just a Week

shapecharge / The desire to become rich certainly isn’t anything new. Building wealth is something people have desired for generations, even before our monetary system today, and researchers have managed to track the income gap as far back as 11,000 years ago . Getting rich is something people have seemingly always aspired to accomplish, but rarely is it ever easy.

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Let’s address the elephant in the room: you shouldn’t expect to get rich in a week. You can start getting rich in a week by putting the right systems in place or by starting a new business endeavor, but the wealth-building itself will likely take time.

Still, nothing should stop you from getting started. Depending on your skills and the resources you have in terms of time and money, there are several ways you can start getting rich in a week. Many of those ways have been around for decades, while others have only emerged in the past few years.

GOBankingRates polled the experts for their best ideas on getting rich, and they responded with ideas that are quite new in addition to time-tested methods of wealth creation.

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Putting your money to work is undoubtedly one of the proven ways to get rich. Real estate, for instance, has been a tool people have used to build wealth for generations.
Jessica Weaver, CFP, says real estate is a great way to build passive income. However, you must take the necessary steps to ensure the property is a good investment. “First step is to do your research and see if the real estate market is favoring buyers […]

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