How technology advancements are disrupting the business of photography

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Technology innovations in the camera began disrupting the photography industry 20 years ago with the advent of digital sensors replacing film.

Advanced post-production software brought even more innovation over the past decade.

Today, sophisticated workflow automation technology powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning is disrupting the way photographers run their business, enabling greater productivity behind the scenes. The photography business in a time of instant expectations

While many technology advancements in photography have been about camera, editing and printing improvements, there is a new emphasis on the business side of the industry. In the same way that digital images delivered instantaneous results bypassing film processing, new business solutions for discovery, scheduling and payment are now available right in the palm of their hand to help photographers succeed.

Photography pros and clients alike are smartphone-equipped, mobile-optimized, and social-media enabled. The photography business ecosystem must be able to deliver sleek, easy-to-use business experiences to stay ahead of clients’ rapidly evolving expectations for instant gratification.

As a business partner (and SaaS developer) for photographers, it is imperative to help customers deal with the challenges of today and plan for the needs of tomorrow. Photographers need and expect a comprehensive technology platform that helps them stay ahead of the curve.

A photography business suite of tools should deliver technology solutions for:- Elegant portfolio presentation – Effective discovery methods to attract clients – Streamlined, automated scheduling and payment – Easy post-shoot client proofing and image selection – Hands-off print/product sales and delivery to clients – Ongoing, automated marketing and sales incentives Technology to help clients find and hire a photographer Traditionally, a client seeking professional photography services relied on recommendations by friends or was forced to choose between photographers who had hired a professional website coder/builder and those using rather inflexible “vanilla” site templates.Now, drag-and-drop […]

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