High-Growth Stocks to Buy Today

Balancing a portfolio between income- and growth-focused stocks can be challenging. Fortunately, the market provides plenty of great income and growth stocks to buy. Incredibly, some of the high-growth stocks to buy are everyday stocks that we often dismiss. Milk, gas, and lots of growth

The first of the high-growth stocks for investors to look at is Alimentation Couche-Tard (TSX:ATD) . In case you’re unfamiliar with Couche-Tard, the company is in the convenience store and gas station business.

That may not sound lucrative, at least at first, and that’s part of the appeal. Here’s the thing: convenience stores and gas stations are not destinations. They are places we stop at on the way to our destinations. As such, they are passive revenue generators that benefit from high traffic, which translates into stellar sales and profits.

In the case of Couche-Tard, the company has over 15,000 locations that are spread out over more than a dozen different countries. Despite that massive size, Couche-Tard continues to take an aggressive stance towards expansion — and not just through traditional M&A.

The company is actively embracing EV charging as well as upgrading its storefronts with a wider array of products. This will lead to more sales and stellar growth over the longer term.

Despite that incredible potential, the stock still trades just over $54 with a P/E of just 17.63. That factor alone makes this one of the high-growth stocks to buy now. A dollar here; A dollar there

Retail stocks are not typically noted among the stellar high-growth stocks to buy in your portfolio. An exception to that is Dollarama (TSX:DOL) . Dollarama is Canada’s largest dollar store.

The company has blanketed the country with over 1,400 stores in every province. Incredibly, Dollarama has also branched out to Latin America in recent years, where it […]

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