Creating a second source of INCOME

Income Obtaining a second source of income all starts with an idea , one of the most potent forms of power that exists.

I learnt from a TED-Ed that “power is the ability to have others do what you would have them do”. Is that not what all businesspeople want: the ability to make others buy what they want them to buy?

How do we achieve that? How do we get the power to make people purchase our services and products? Getting the business community to take actions in your favour can happen in a variety of ways. Here are some examples in line with the 6 forms of power that exists:

> Physical force – Well of course you can’t do that. You can’t use violence to enforce sales. That’d be wrong and illegal in so many ways.

Wealth – There’s a popular saying in Ghana that “money stops nonsense”. Yes, your wealth can buy you sales or the influence to increase sales but if not structured properly, you would be spending more money to make less money.

State action – I remember buying books when I was in Primary School that was Government-sanctioned. We had no choice but to buy them. A democratic government can ratify and downright guarantee sales for a product or a service. In some cases, the product/service meets the needs of the people. In other cases, experts describe the act as “corruption”, “nepotism”, etc. so… … … you get the point.

Social Norms – A lot of people do what a lot of people do. That’s how many people confirm that something is ok, not that the majority is always right. Social Norms are powerful and can make people change their minds on what to buy and what not to.

Numbers – There is power […]

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