A Week In Sydney’s Lower North Shore On A $40,000 Income

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Occupation: Freelance User Experience (UX) Writer
Industry: Information Technology
Age: 41
Location: Milsons Point, Sydney
Annual Income: $40,000 after taxes
Net Worth: $445,900 (An investment property in Narwee worth $500,000 that was purchased back in June 2006, $41,000 in savings in my mortgage offset account, $13,000 in superannuation (it’s low as I’m self-employed), $5,000 in emergency savings, $4,000 in shares in index trackers, $2,500 in other savings (banked for some further IT study to increase my income earning potential), $2,500 in precious metals (gold and silver bars and coins which are stored in a fireproof safe at home), $800 cash in my wallet, and $100 in Bitcoin.)
Debt: $123,000 for my mortgage on the Narwee investment property. I’m blessed to not have any other debts.
Paycheque Amount: This varies each week as I’m self-employed, but it works out to be about $40,000 a year after tax, so about $3,300 each month. Of my two ongoing part-time clients, one pays me weekly via PayPal, while the other one pays me fortnightly via Payoneer. The rent from my investment property comes in monthly, and my share dividends come in on a quarterly basis.
Pronouns: She/Her Monthly Expenses

Rent: $1,998. I live in a one-bedroom apartment with an ensuite. I think this is a pretty good deal for a single person living in the Lower North Shore.
Gas and Electricity: $200. I was being unfairly billed by my last energy provider so I just switched to get a cheaper and fairer deal.
Mobile Phone and Internet: $90, mainly used for my business. […]

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