YouTube and Shopify launch game-changing ecommerce partnership

Ask any online merchant, brand, or influencer which digital platform they would love the functionality to sell on, and you’ll find YouTube at the top of their wishlist.

Well, now that wish has become a reality, thanks to an exciting new partnership between Shopify and YouTube’s parent company, Google, announced earlier today.

The Shopify partnership will enable YouTube’s 2 billion monthly users to shop while they watch videos from their favourite brands and influencers.

Discussing the partnership, Shimona Mehta, managing director of Shopify EMEA, says:

“YouTube has been integral in building the creator economy over the past decade, and Shopify has helped millions of merchants quickly start, run, grow, and manage storefronts.

“By partnering together, we’re accelerating the next evolution of social commerce by giving creators and merchants more ways to sustainably monetise and build successful businesses, while still authentically connecting with their fans and buyers.” What this means for ecommerce businesses

Thanks to the new partnership, Shopify merchants will now have the functionality to integrate their online store with YouTube, selling to consumers through a variety of avenues, including: YouTube Live – video creators can tag and pin products at key points during live streams, with consumers even able to continue watching the stream whilst they make their purchase

Store tab – consumers can now access a merchant’s entire product catalogue through a new tab that will be available on the brands YouTube channel On-demand videos – businesses can now display a list of products on a ‘product shelf’ below on-demand video The news will be particularly welcomed by brands such as gin distillery Jim & Tonic , which has a huge following on YouTube, yet can’t sell its products on other social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook due to certain alcohol restrictions.Chris Godwin, head of marketing at Jim and Tonic, says […]

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