Why Amazon Aggregator Thrasio Is Sticking With Ecommerce-Native Experts Over Legacy Vendors

As the largest and best-known of the “Amazon aggregators,” Thrasio is no stranger to Amazon advertising and sales dynamics. But it can still be difficult to “think about a business problem and turn it into a data problem,” Parker said.

For example, what are the most attractive attributes for a potential product acquisition on Amazon? This is a business question.

But Thrasio needs to boil that down into different data sets and metrics that can be tracked on the platforms and tied to each brand, such as share of category and promotion placements, organic vs. ad click-through sales rates and metrics like Amazon’s Inventory Performance Index. The latter is Amazon’s metric for connecting visibility on the platform to supply-chain factors, including how efficiently a product can be packaged and shipped.

In January, Thrasio selected ecommerce consultancy Momentum Commerce to help with Amazon market intelligence. Momentum has data services on the Amazon marketplace generally, Parker said, but it also helps sellers with search and advertising services.

“The data that we use for targeting acquisitions in the marketplace and the data we use to monitor our own brands’ performance on the platform [are] flip sides of the same coin,” he said.

Momentum is a smaller and newer data and advertising vendor, but that’s necessary, said Parker, who pointed out that the problem Thrasio is trying to solve isn’t exactly in the wheelhouse of big agency holding companies or ecommerce ad tech.

“For a sophisticated player operating at scale on Amazon, a traditional media services firm isn’t going to cut the mustard,” said John Shea, CEO and founder of Momentum Commerce. “And working with a black-box software isn’t going to cut the mustard.”

But how might promotions on one platform, like Amazon, be affected by pricing on Walmart? And how does the pace of inventory availability and warehousing factor […]

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