Web & eCommerce: Immersive Product Experience to Underpin Effective Funnels

At the peak of the pandemic in 2020, a report by McKinsey found that businesses had accelerated the rate of digitalization by 7 years! The global health crisis has revealed the precariousness of physical retail and businesses, as most that failed to digitalize also failed to acquire and retain consumers during lockdowns and distancing measures.

The race to establish a digital presence has pushed businesses to invest in better websites and online stores. In 2022, this trend will continue.

We expect businesses to be more data-driven and user-centric as these two qualities are key to building an effective online infrastructure for customer acquisition and retention.

Some of the tactics, tools, and qualities we expect to see more of in 2022 are: Human Customer Support

eCommerce Financing Options

Immersive Product Experience

Personalized Content (Geolocation & Browsing History)

Immersive Product Experience to Underpin Effective Funnels Let’s get this out of the way immediately: although augmented and virtual reality tech (AR/VR) is highly effective in building an immersive online experience, it is not vital to it.In other words, there are many ways to take your user on an engaging journey and help them experience your product in an online environment. This immersive experience boils down to providing the user with the information they need to build trust. This is where strategic website and content planning plays a key role. From product imagery to animations, text, audio, and video, and – yes – AR/VR, strategically developed content is what helps the user experience your product without ever touching it and what helps them build confidence in their purchasing decision. Digital Silk web strategists and designers used multiple content types to communicate G Pen’s product quality, as well as help users, envision the brand as part of their lifestyle. G PEN […]

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