Threekit & to Deliver Next-Gen Configuration Experiences

Threekit, the leading 3D Visual Commerce Platform for brands, manufacturers and retailers, and, the next generation headless configuration engine powering eCommerce and CPQ experiences, have partnered to let sales and eCommerce teams deliver faster and more engaging customer experiences .

Companies with sophisticated or highly customizable products – such as those in Manufacturing, High-tech, high-end consumer goods, buildings and structures, and medical devices – find it challenging to deliver exceptional experiences when selling their product online due to technology limitations. Particularly when products have a large set of attributes to configure, or have large sets of rules and constraints, determining the right technology to help buyers visualize and purchase is exceedingly difficult, whether in-person or in a virtual online selling environment.

The partnership between and Threekit alleviates these challenges by combining the power of’s high-performance advanced product logic capabilities with Threekit’s visual commerce capabilities to make selling any product online with exceptionally engaging experiences not only possible but allows businesses to do so in a way that is easy to manage and administer over time.

“Brands and manufacturers have noticed that having a visual is incredibly important to building trust with a customer,” said Matt Gorniak, CEO of Threekit. “We’re thrilled to be partnering with so that now, our customers will be able to take all of their products, no matter how sophisticated, and be able to not only configure them but to see them in real-time.”

In 2022, it’s estimated that $7.4T worth of B2C and B2B commerce will happen digitally and shoppers are searching for a more effective way to experience products online and buy with confidence.

At the same time, buyers are expecting a more engaging and faster customer experience. Businesses that offer buyers a self-serve interactive buying experience online, allowing buyers to configure the right solution […]

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