These Four Ecommerce Design Trends Will Help Your Brand Innovate in 2022

As we are all aware, the pandemic drove most businesses online in order to survive. With that, the majority of us started to operate more and more aspects of our lives online as well. From ordering groceries to meeting new people, the convenience and speed with which we can do almost anything is extraordinary — and it isn’t something consumers are going to give up.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen this rapid digital adoption spark a wave of design innovation as brands seek to meaningfully engage with customers in a remote world. From social media integrations and dynamic content to increased personalization and artificial intelligence, these advancements are revolutionizing ecommerce experiences around the world.

This innovation only looks set to continue throughout 2022, so to make sure your brand stays at the forefront of these digital developments, here are four of the most innovative trends in ecommerce design to explore this year.

1. Blurring boundaries: physical vs. digital.
As the world opens up, many people are eager to return to in-store shopping. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re seeking the same experiences as before. Waiting in lines, traveling to the store and being around crowds seem less appealing once you’ve had a taste of the convenience of ecommerce. Consumers now want the best of both worlds, and this collective desire has led to an inevitable blurring of the lines between physical and digital retail.

To achieve this, many brands are adopting an integrated approach. In 2022 expect to see more brands developing mobile-friendly apps to complement both their online and physical stores. In an increasingly mobile-first world, apps are fast becoming a must-have tool for businesses of all sizes.

By enabling consumers to check store stock, order and pay ahead, connect with customer service reps via chat or video […]

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