The Three Simplest Ways to Optimize Your eCommerce Site

Digital tablet with running e-commerce website with grocery market By 2025, BigCommerce reveals that mobile eCommerce sales will account for 10 percent of all retail transactions in the US. In other words, one in 10 sales will take place on a smartphone. That’s an impressive number in itself, but when you consider it’s up from 3.5 percent in 2018, it’s even more phenomenal. For businesses, this means mCommerce is a trend you need to be aware of. Not only must you recognize its existence, but you need to learn how to use it to your advantage. You can only do that by mobile optimizing your online content.

Below, we’ll talk you through a few easy ways to do that. Image source: Work out who your audience is and what they need

15 years ago, in January 2007, the world was transformed by the introduction of the iPhone (there’s a really interesting article from ComputerWorld on just that subject). Described by Steve Jobs as an iPod, phone, and mini-computer, it rolled three essential functions into one. It hasn’t stopped being revolutionary in the years since. With every new release, we discover it does more than its predecessors, so it’s no surprise so many of us find our iPhones are the perfect tool for shopping online. But who are these shoppers? Before you deign to make any changes to your website, ask yourself this important question.

The entire purpose of mobile optimization is to enhance the customer experience and give consumers what they want. You can’t do that unless you first work out who they are and identify their requirements.

Take the Betway slots website as an example. They’re an online casino provider specializing in live gaming, eSports, and slots. When developing a customer persona, they’d likely identify their target demographic as […]

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