Shopify’s New “Link in Bio” Tool Linkpop Brings Ecommerce to Social

Shopify has launched a new “link in bio” tool called Linkpop that online businesses and influencers can use to sell products to their social media followers.

Social platforms tend to give their users one chance to link to an outside website from their profiles, leading to the creation of a cottage industry for “link in bio” tools for platforms like Instagram or TikTok.

Shopify’s new tool essentially gives brands a way to set up their Shopify storefront directly within those platforms. What is Linkpop?

If you’re familiar with any “link in bio” tools, Linkpop will look pretty familiar.

Users can sign up in order to get their own page, with a nice, short URL that looks something like “” Then, they can add a series of additional content that links out to their personal website, blog, playlists, or an Amazon link to that one desk lamp that everyone on TikTok keeps asking them about.

But the ability to add Shopify store products is unique to Linkpop: With it, users can add “shoppable links to [their] Linkpop page powered by Shopify checkout,” Shopify explains on their website .

If they’re not on Shopify yet, they can get a plan, starting at $9 per month. Linkpop’s free, but the Shopify integration that makes it stand out requires a plan.

It’s all designed to be easy to get started with and optimized for fast loading times so that an audience of potential customers won’t have much friction preventing them from completing an order. Plus, it comes with built-in analytics features that log data on page views, link clicks, and sales over time. Trying Shopify This new tool seems likely to usher in a new crop of younger influencers who are interested in dipping a toe into ecommerce. For the right small business, it might be a way to […]

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