No-code Apps Are Everywhere

No-code apps allow users to create and customize applications without needing to write HTML, JavaScript, or any other programming language. No-code “development” uses visual, drag-and-drop tools.

Popular no-code providers include Shopify, Squarespace, Webflow, BigCommerce, and Wix. These platforms provide templates and tools to create a professional-looking ecommerce website without coding knowledge.

Many other tools have built-in no-code capabilities.

For example, almost every email marketing platform has some form of visual automation or workflow. Marketers drag or click to add triggers and actions. A company can automate nearly everything needed to sell products.

Visual automation or workflows in an email marketing platform are effectively no-code development tools. In the example below from ConvertKit, a “subscriber” (i.e., a ConvertKit customer) might enter one of three workflows depending on whether she asks about building an audience, monetizing a list, or going pro. Setting up the automation requires no programming skills. ConvertKit customers who have questions about building an audience, monetizing a list, or going pro would trigger different workflows. No-code Development

Relatively complicated workflows and cross-functional integrations are possible using no-code app development.

Here are a few examples.

Zapier is a no-code development tool to automate tasks between applications and is among the most recognizable brands in the category.With Zapier, you can connect your favorite apps and create workflows (called “zaps”) to get more done in less time.You could, for example, use Zapier to automatically send new leads from a Facebook campaign to an email marketing platform. This simple zap sends lead data from Facebook to an email marketing platform. Notion is a note-taking and project management application. Thanks to templates and integrations, it is an excellent no-code development tool.Notion is popular because it offers flexibility and power while still being easy to use. Plus, like Zapier and others, it integrates well with other applications, making it […]

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