Montclair-based Business Brokerage Announces Latest Sale of a Marine Supply Ecommerce Business

MONTCLAIR, New Jersey (March 11, 2022) — For some, a business may just be a way to make a living, a means to an end.

But for others, a business is more than a profit margin. It is a legacy. It is history. It is an icon of the community.

When those businesses are lost, it can be felt in a community for decades.

And so, a Montclair, New Jersey business brokerage firm is actively working to help those business owners ready to pass on their legacy to a budding crop of young and hungry entrepreneurs with their agency, Murphy Business Sales.

“Nothing makes us prouder than having a big part in passing on a beloved local business from one owner to the next,” said Darren Smith, Owner Murphy Business Sales, Montclair. “It is those traditions that folks in greater New York metro area are increasingly looking for. It’s the authenticity that makes these businesses beloved, and we celebrate each time we can help pass the baton to another small-business owner.”

Recently the company celebrated a successful deal that will keep a locally owned businesses open and in good hands.

“Last week was great. We were able to assist a marine supply company owner transition their company to a highly motivated buyer,” Smith said. “No matter the business, we can help make those deals happen quickly and easily.”

He said that a business broker is a must for owners looking for an exit strategy that preserves a business.“It can be a business of any size, and really open for any amount of time, but if those owners want to find the best deal out of their business ownership and keep a business intact for future generations, using a business broker can save time and treasure. Best of all, it helps that upcoming crop of entrepreneurs looking […]

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